Monday, March 28, 2011

KU Exits the Tournament / Nudity on Stage / Bears of Blue River

It wouldn't be Spring Break in Larryville without a snowfall or two and a devastating tournament loss by the Jayhawks, who crashed and burned during yesterday's match-up with VCU. But surely we must congratulate the boys on a fine season, right? After all, only eight teams make it to the Elite Eight.

Let's see what the LJ-World talkbackers are saying.

First, the angry "fans":

HawkfromHays says: "See you next year...when we choke again."

Next, the conspiracy theorists:

This_guy says: "it's not choking when the refs have family in Vegas can't get anything going without a bullsh@t foul will all come out soon ...".

And, finally, the sports-haters:

dsplawrence says: "I hate sports, and I particularly hate all of these clones who walk around this town by the thousands in identical blue Jayhawk T-shirts. The photo of the two frat-types looking as though they've just learned that their trust funds have been taken away from them has really made my day. Too bad this town's identity hinges upon a college sports team. Boo hoo."

Chip: "Hey, I own one of those shirts! Also, one of the saddest aspects of the loss seems to be totally forgotten in the talkbacks. With no Final Four in our future, our chances of seeing titties on Mass. Street next weekend decrease significantly."


Luckily, there's still one great space where public nudity is celebrated: the theatre. Our greatest local theatrical experience (mentioned here on numerous occasions) occurred a few years back when one of Dr. X's nubile students performed full-frontal simulated sex scenes on the stage of the Lawrence Arts Center (in a play by Adam R. Burnett whose title, but not content, now escapes us).

If we could see one show in New York right now it might be "Ha: A Solo," a performance art/dance piece which opens in this fashion:

"The tone is set by the entrance of three performers — Natalie Agee, Carmine Covelli and Neal Medlyn — who rush around, screeching wildly. Mr. Medlyn, it might be noted, is in black body tights with a hole neatly cut to allow his penis to hang out." (NY-Times).

Chip: "This sounds like the greatest public penis performance since Sherron Collins performance on the elevator."

The show continues in this manner:

"Ms. Truscott enters by backflipping naked after Ms. Agee’s speech, then poses in a backbend, sculpturally lighted (by Kathy Kaufmann), before gleefully announcing, “I’ve been raped, twice!” (NY-Times).

Our feminist readers: "Obviously, the power of dance has allowed her to transcend her victimization."

Richard: "No asking price is too much for this kind of art. But I'd also jump at a chance to see the trouble-plagued Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark, even though Julie Taymor has now been ousted and the play's Geek Chorus, which seemed like the only halfway intelligent aspect of a fucking MUSICAL based on Spiderman, has been excised in an effort to make the play more coherent."

Chip: "Despite all the problems, I remain convinced that the show will, and in fact MUST, go on. America needs this play."


We haven't really done any research on Bears of Blue River, playing tonight at the Replay with our twitter-buddy Katlyn Conroy, but we find their name and the following picture adorable. See you there.


Jartsu37 said...

the titties comment sounds like the guy that lives above me.

Capt Jung said...

The widespread denial in Lawrence may yet lead some sorostitutes with weaker coping mechanisms to brandish their titties for public enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see them exit. But I will still continue to wear my jayhawk t shirts. Go Jayhawks! Forever!