Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bracketology, Plus a St. Patty's Preview

March Madness is our second favorite tournament of the year (just behind the local KVKL kickball tournament), and we've been hard at work on our brackets this week.

Chip has KU going out in the first round.

Chip: "Here's my logic. (A) We all know about the dreaded curse of the 'B' teams and (B) a 16 seed inevitably has to beat a #1 at some point."

Chip often claims that he can tell you "exactly where I was and what the weather was like" for every tournament loss dating back to 91. And he's not exaggerating.

Richard, however, is caught up in the (delusional?) optimism of the rest of Larryville and assumes there's not even a possibility of a KU loss until at least the championship game (and then only to Ohio State).

Win or lose, we'll be drunk throughout the tournament, starting tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day, where we'll be stationed outside the Granada in order to catch the post-parade performance by the rapper B Double E, who will be singing 'Red and Blue KU' from atop the Granada marquee. The Granada's special for the day: $4 Irish car bombs.

Chip: "They're as delicious as they are culturally insensitive."

But don't ever try to order one at the Tap Room, where one of the bartenders is noted for his refusal to make the drink. They say the customer's always right. But not at the Tap.

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