Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weekend Picks and an All-New Very Special Message From The Noise FM

Let's admit it.  We've all wondered at various points if that long-rumored new Noise FM record was ever really going to see the light of day.  Personally, we thought they'd simply settled for being well-known purveyors of Boy Meets World erotic fan-fiction, not that there's anything wrong with that (Chip: "In fact, I'd prefer it.").  But, lo and behold, the time has come.  The new record, Attraction, has finally arrived, and the fellows are back in Lawrence on Friday and KC on Saturday to pour it in your earholes.  We asked  the Noise Boys to send us a rundown of what the hell the band has been doing for the last three years.  Enjoy it below, and make sure to hit the Jackpot on Friday for the record release party with openers Spirit is the Spirit and Forrester. And don't be lazy:  drive to KC and catch them at the Riot Room on Saturday with Quiet Corral and "very special guest" Cowboy Indian Bear. Visit the FB event page for the Jackpot show here.

"It’s taken three years, but we’re finally returning home to Lawrence for a show at Jackpot with our new record Attraction. Three years between albums is often called 'career suicide' in the music business (or just “the biz,” as us hardened industry types call it), and I’d be lying if I said we weren’t a little nervous about the lengthy gap between records. Does anyone in Lawrence remember us? Will anyone come to the show?? Does the Jackpot still smell like there’s a human cadaver covered in sulfur buried beneath the men’s bathroom???

With a 3 year development cycle, people might be expecting us to release our Sgt. Pepper’s or Pet Sounds or Chinese Democracy. But no. It’s just a straight-up rock & roll record. That’s not to say we didn’t work hard on this thing. It sounds like a million goddamn bucks. It’s just that we may not have made the most efficient use of our recording studio time. We spent several days trying to find the right snare tone for a song called “Scam Artist.” Then Austin accidentally hit the snare drum after he had set his wallet on it. Bam. That was the million dollar sound we were looking for. Happy accidents. It’s like when those astronauts spent days trying to figure out how to turn their urine into drinking water and ended up inventing Tang and Velcro. Long story short, we figured out that 'Recording in the Studio' really just means spending $450 a day to figure out a snare drum sounds better when you set your wallet on it. There was also a seven month gap in the recording process while we caught up on Fringe on Netflix. Season 5 goes live next week, and had it gone online any sooner we would have had to cancel the record release.
The show is Friday, September 13, at Jackpot. Our friends in Spirit Is the Spirit and Forrester are on the bill. We’ve also put together a lighting rig to really kick our stage show up a notch. It’s assembled from the cheapest work lights we could find at Home Depot, and when it’s on, you can see this baby glowing like Hiroshima from space. It’s a fire hazard but at least the audience can get a free tan out of the deal."



Local music nerds will want to begin their Friday evening out at the Fairgrounds for the annual Audio Reader sale where all manner of records and CD's and music equipment is on sale.  It's $10 on Friday to snag the best stuff along with free food and prizes.  Admission is free on Saturday and prices tend to get slashed around noon for what's left over at that point.  They never get tired of the James Bond reference on their posters! (and we don't blame them).

Fans of weird combinations of letters will want to attend the CVLTS show at the Replay with openers YYU and Exael.  Let's hope we don't want to buy the albums later, because we'll never fucking remember these names.

If you prefer your rock and roll free of charge, head down to the Bottleneck for a no-cover Friday the 13th rocker with The Sluts, Haunt Ananta, and Psychic Heat.  It'll be spooky.  The FB event page is here

And if you prefer indoor bike racing to music, hit Frank's on Friday for a Friday the 13th edition of the popular event.

And there's a big show at the Replay on Saturday too, as Terry Malts returns to town with openers Spray Paint and LFK's JOCKS.  Pitchfork says (in an odd sentence) : "despite their belligerence, Terry Malts never scream."  Verdict: 6.9.

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