Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Final Friday Picks (Part One): Catfish, "Intimate" Rock From Cowboy Indian Bear, and ELFK Art and Film

We'll tackle the late-night weekend music scene later, but for now here are three picks for the early part of your Friday evening.

Lawrence is many things, but it's never been a town where you can get really good Southern-style fried catfish.  But the fine folks at Terrebone do make a decent catfish po-boy, and on Friday they'll be dishing up a full-on "fish fry" at a benefit for Friends of the Kaw down at Abe and Jake's.  There's live music and "river art" and catfish.  Enough said.

Chip:  "Are they using the mutant, three-eyed fish from the Kaw?"

After you stuff yourself with fried fish, unwind with an "intimate" show by Cowboy Indian Bear at Love Garden, along with CS Luxem.  When last we saw Luxem (in fact, last night) he was strumming some really pretty songs outside the Percolator for a bunch of moon-worshipping hippies at an equinox party.

And did Invisible Hand move into the Cider Gallery when we weren't looking? The image below says yes.  Damn, we haven't been to the ELFK arts district in too long, apparently.  Anyway, their Final Friday film installation looks cool as hell, so get out there on Friday and check it out (and catch a presentation and film by the artist at Liberty Hall on Thursday).  Visit the FB event page here

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