Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Possibilities: Estonian Folk and Blue Men

Readers, we're busy today and we're still reeling from last night's soul-shattering, gut-punch of a Breaking Bad episode, so let's keep this short.

You've got two options for Monday night oddness.

For some reason, there's a Monday matinee show at the Replay featuring an Estonian indie-folk band called Ewert and the Two Dragons.  La Guerre is opening.  If we were betting men, we'd bet you three PBRs that almost no one realizes this fucking show is happening, so it would be nice if you head down there and support the scene and then go around claiming you'll ONLY listen to Estonian indie-folk from now on.  Or perhaps we're dead wrong and there's a huge contingent of Estonian indie-folk fans in LFK and this will be a packed-to-the-rafters show that's the best thing that's happened on a Monday night in LFK since Mates of States played a basement show in an old cockfighting arena recently.  Either way, it's worth a shot for three bucks.

If you'd rather spend $50 bucks for a dose of mainstream performance art (or whatever it is that the Blue Men do), Blue Man Group begins their two-night stint at the Lied tonight.  Not unlike Tobias Funke, Chip "blue" himself this weekend to get in the spirit of things."

 Blue Man Group


Coming later this week:  the Granada celebrates 20 years as a concert venue with...a whole lot of stuff, some of it worth checking it out.

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