Monday, September 9, 2013

Scenester Showdown of the Week: The Return of Nerd Nite vs Jim James at Liberty Hall

Readers, if you're like us, you've been waiting a long time for local awesome person Beth Beavers to deliver a presentation about tractors and such!  Well, the time has come.  Nerd Nite returns to Pachamama's on Wednesday after taking an August vacation, and this one is a Dust Bowl-themed evening in conjunction with Read Across Lawrence and the KU Common Book (though we assume most Freshmen will NOT be reading The Worst Hard Time).

The three presentations are:

"From one-ways to listers: The agricultural equipment that helped usher in the Dust Bowl" by Beth Beavers

"You Need a Continent Against Your Feet:’ The Dust Bowl and Eroded America" by Kate Meyer

"The Politics of Hard Times: American Populism and its Kansas Roots" by Luke Wohlford

Does all of this sound a little...dry? (if you catch our Dust Bowl reference).  Well, maybe.  But we trust it will end up being as awesome as usual, especially if you fill up your Nerd Nite pint glass often enough.

Also, we plan to ask Beth Beavers why so many perverts keep reaching our blog by Googling things like "sexy women John Deere."


A competing event on Wednesday is an appearance by My Morning Jacket's Jim James at Liberty Hall.  Personally, we preferred him when he went around calling himself "Yim Yames" for some reason.  But his new solo album has been generally well-received, even by Pitchfork, whose 7.8 review offers this assessment of the album's first single:

"Sounding like a VHS recording of an old 16mm reel of a clipped sample of a long-unheard soul revue, 'Know [Til Now]' took more than a few James fans aback as the album's first single."

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Beth Beavers said...

There are a ridiculous number of stock photos of said "sexy women John Deere."