Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Granada Celebrates 20 Years of Music / Wednesday Scenester Showdown: Best Coast and Bleached vs Action Bronson and Danny Brown

Readers, it's an important day in LFK, as the City Fathers will be hearing the Granada's plea to close down a block of Mass. Street on Sept. 26 for a free outdoor screening of The Goonies on a giant inflatable screen.  This should be a good test of whether the Commission has any sense of fun and/or appreciation of Corey Feldman. (Also, the event is already prominently listed everywhere, so let's hope the Granada didn't get ahead of themselves).

As we mentioned yesterday, our friends at the venerable LFK establishment are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a music venue (and 80th anniversary in general) with a bunch of kick-ass shows. To name a few: "Party Messiah" Andrew WK hits the stage tonight, Best Coast arrives tomorrow, Friday brings a free outdoor show with Stoney Larue, and Rancid takes over on Saturday (despite being listed as Friday on the cool image below).

So stop by and party with them, why don't you?




Once again, Wednesday in LFK brings another interesting scenester showdown.

Best Coast may have lost some of their scenester luster at this point, but Bethany Cosentino is still pretty cool, as is the opener Bleached.  On Chip's "boner-meter," this Granada show ranks among the week's highest.

Down the street at Liberty Hall, however, you can see Danny Brown and Action Bronson rapping about Adderall and wrestlin' and jeeps and such.

Here's a taste of Danny Brown's lyrics from the song "Adderal Admiral":

"She runnin from my dick like it's a bull and she a matador.
 She a pregnant labrador.
 Said my metaphors are the highest caliber."

Chip:  "Well, it's hard to argue.  Those really are high-caliber metaphors. Although technically the first one is a simile"

Photos:  Bethany, Bleached, Action Bronson, and Danny Brown:




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