Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Deeper Into Movies Vol. V : Voice-Over Artists, Slashers, and Drinking Buddies

Hopefully last weekend's Riddick was the last big-budget summer turd to arrive at the multiplex.  We're ready for some fall cinema.

This week (finally) brings Lake Bell's well-received In a World to KC.  It's about voice-over artists (who are prone to beginning every film description with the deeply-intoned phrase "In a world...").  The NY-Times raves:

"In some ways a late bloomer’s coming-of-age story... it is also, in no particular order, a show-business satire, a family drama, a feminist parable and a sweet romantic comedy. Not that any of these labels can do justice to the originality of Ms. Bell’s creative voice."

Sold!  We've been fans of Bell based on Adult Swim's Children's Hospital for awhile now.

We're not sure an actual screening of Casablanca is involved (it doesn't appear to be), but Liberty Hall is hosting a Casablanca-related event on Friday.  It's a benefit for Douglas County CASA (visit the Liberty Hall site to find out what that means) and it features live music, casino games, and prizes for best cocktail attire inspired by the film or the era.  Chip does an absolutely terrible Bogie impression that he's anxious to try out.

Douglas County CASA presents: 2013 CASAblanca

This Friday is Friday the 13th, so surely SOMEBODY has got to be screening the classic 1980 slasher film, right?  Naturally, it's the Alamo KC.  Check it out at 10:30 on Friday. Info here.  Make sure to note that NO children under the age of 6 will be allowed, in case you were thinking of permanently traumatizing your kids.  Obviously, the film is perfectly acceptable for anyone 7 or older.

Look: it's Kevin Bacon (in black-and-white for some reason) followed by his death scene (as a treat for you gorehounds).

We're fans of drinking beer, Anna Kendrick, and mumblecore, so we recently enjoyed Joe Swanberg's Drinking Buddies thanks to the magic of OnDemand.  It has more of a budget than his previous films (you can hear the dialogue mostly!) and Greta Gerwig is not naked at all in this film (she's not even in it!!) but we'll still give it a pass since it remains pretty ramshackle, mostly improvised, and somewhat perceptive.  Also, if you drink every time the characters do, you'll be drunk and quick.

Now when will Olivia Wilde return to LFK and be our drinking buddy at the Replay for an evening?  We'll even let that pesky Sudeikis tag along (if we must).

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