Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weekend Picks: Victor Continental ; The Millions ; Final Friday ; The Hips

They say that all good things must come to an end, even in LFK. And apparently a lot of them must end this year!  Fourth of July is calling it quits, along with the Rooftop Vigilantes.  Hospital Ships is packing their bags for Austin.  And now Victor Continental, LFK's long-reigning king of dick jokes and local humor, is blowing his final wad after fifteen long debaucherous years.  As you certainly already know, the final two shows are Friday and Saturday at Liberty.  The title cleverly incorporates the phrase "Happy Ending" (if you catch their meaning!), and we hear that the cast and crew WILL actually be jerking off everyone who paid extra for table seating.  Luckily, that includes us!  See you there.  It starts early this time, and we're expecting a nostalgic four hour marathon of drinking games, sexy dancing, puppetry, Compton jokes, Carlos Danger references, Mick Cottin in his underwear, and special guests.  Reread our 2012 "Municipal Erections" interview with Victor over here in which we ask Victor such important questions as what percentage of Lawrence he's screwed and who were the best:

"Ah am a big fan of having sex with the members of Lesbians for Kayaking. They're women who love women and they're already wet. Ah am unfamiliar with their membership roster, so Ah will will have to use a complex algorithm of math and say 69%. And the best one was Patrice. As for the people of Lawrence Fucking Kansas, the algorithm still says 69%, and the best were Sue Hack, Frank Dorsey, Baby Jay, and of course, Patrice. Mike Amyx keeps it trim. Would you like to touch my algorithm?"

Mandatory Scenester Event of the Week


And don't forget to get nostalgic for mid-90's LFK when The Millions return to the Bottleneck on Saturday.  Read our interview with The Millions here and our interview with opener The Invisible World here.


And it's a Final Friday weekend.  We showcased a few picks yesterday, but here's a few more:

Percolator:  Danny Pound, Brad Allen, and Matt Mozier will play some tunes at 7:30.  Yep.

Cider Gallery:  Sure, the paintings cost around $42,000, but this time there's free food from our new pals over at Merchant's Pub and Plate!  We're hoping for some fried tomater sandwiches!

And Final Fridays branch out across the river in NoLaw at Schaumburg Photography for an evening of "Steampunk and Robots."  Sold!

We're snagging our info from the FF blog so head over there for a full listing of events.


And stop by the Replay to catch The Hips on Friday after Victor's show.  And maybe a bit of Metallica pinball (photo via Replay's FB page).


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