Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mates of States at Frank's / Tuesday Scenester Picks: The Postal Service and Mates of State ; Wyatt Blair at Taproom; Douglas County's Best Goats

We heard a number of excuses from people yesterday who talked themselves out of seeing Mates of States' lovely and free "surprise" set at Frank's last night:  "It's gonna be way too crowded." "They're only playing 2 or 3 songs."  "It's rainy outside." "I'm fixing chili dogs tonight."  But plenty of intrepid scenesters still made their way to NoLaw and descended into the basement for what turned out to be a full 40-minute set (the same one they'll deliver at a packed Midland Theatre tonight and tomorrow opening for The Postal Service). Swirling keyboards, soaring vocals, propulsive drumming:  it was all intact and sounding quite nice considering it all went down in an old cockfighting pit.  They closed with Daniel Johnson's "True Love Will Find You In The End," perhaps the most tender moment yet to occur in Frank's basement.

Thanks for stopping by, MoS, and thanks to Brad Allen and Frank's for helping to make it happen! Find a video of what you missed here via I Heart Local Music.

If you're willing to shell out some dollars, we hear there are still tickets available for tonight's Postal Service show (bleep-bloop!) but Wednesday's is sold out.

Chip: "Please send us your best Jenny Lewis pics!"


Perhaps last night's MoS show left you craving more basement rock.  Lucky for you, Burger Records' Wyatt Blair is at the Taproom tonight, getting gritty (but still poppy) with songs like "Sugar Lips, Cinammon Hips" and "Ba Ba Ba (Life's a Bitch)" and "Found Love (in a Garbage Can)," a perfect tune for LFK during this week's prime dumpster-diving season.

Will PBR Book Club extend their Taproom meeting by about two hours to catch Wyatt?  Doubtful.  We're boring.

Check out some tunes via Bandcamp here



Also, it's Goat Show night at the Douglas County Fair.  Goats are so hot this year, especially when they scream like humans.  The video below has 1,623,346 views so far.