Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weird Beats of the Day: The Bumping Uglies at the Replay / Shout-Outs to The Roost, Shenago Lounge, Ramen Bowls, and Hot Box Cookies

Our fondness for bleeps and bloops is well-known, so we're pleased to recommend Austin's The Bumping Uglies, who bring their "8-Bit Shits" to the Replay tonight, along with a lot of other oddly titled songs such as "Box of Nerds," "Shitty Cowboy," and "The Poops."  Smiling yet?  Listen to some tunes via Bandcamp and give them a "like" on FB over here.

The Uglies are opening up for increasingly buzzy LFK rockers Brain Food, whose recent Lawrence Field Day Fest set came complete with dance moves and Britney Spears' covers (see our recap here).  All in all, it's going to be a downright aDORKable and extra-electronic Tuesday at the Replay.  Also on the bill: Something and the Whatevers, who have also been showcased here before.

Cutest Show of the Week: Brain Food at Replay



Now here are some random shout-outs.

Shout-out (again) to The Roost for immediately becoming everyone's go-to breakfast joint.  We're working our way through the cocktail menu and anticipate more than a few "Lost Weekends" brought on by "elderflower liqueur."   We're also intrigued by "the various North Lawrence pickles" contained in the NoLaw Bloody Mary.  Who IS the best pickler in No Law these days? 

Shout-out to Shenago Lounge for still existing, way out in a West Lawrence strip mall.  It recently provided a nice dark cool afternoon of solace after a terrifying matinee screening of The Conjuring.

Shout-out to 10th Street's upcoming Ramen Bowls restaurant, which has a somewhat un-PC looking little Asian dude on the logo and a slogan of "Get Your Slurp On," which Chip plans to shout loudly before every meal at Ramen Bowls.

And finally a shout-out to Hot Box Cookies, opening soon in the former 3 Spoons location along Mass. Street.  We anticipate a long run of sweet late-night cookies and hilarious innuendo regarding their name.

Chip:  "My mouth is already craving that Hot Box.  I can't wait to snatch a few of those cookies."

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