Monday, July 29, 2013

We Attempt to Reconstruct Victor Continental's Final Ass-Shaking Moments / Mates of State Make a Surprise Visit to LFK / Wrasslin' at the Bottleneck

It's an oddly cool and rainy Monday in LFK, but it was a bright and joyous weekend at Liberty Hall as Victor Continental shook his ass for the final times.  Like everyone else in attendance, we were drunk, so instead of any kind of "review" we are serving up a collage of observations, favorite moments, and loosely-paraphrased quotes.  Okay, here we go...

Surely Jaqueline Gruneau was BORN to play Dora the Explorer.  Terrific Kevin Wilmott cameo in the Lawrence Justice League sketch: "Sounds like white people problems to me!"   Bert Nash Tabernacle Choir.  "It's okay to fart in North Lawrence."  "Gout.  Lawrence's second biggest health problem besides kickball injuries." The Ridgecourt neighborhood sketch, possibly the evening's most extended slice of insider humor:  "We've got two Mexican restaurants as well.  FUCK YOU, North Lawrence!"  The North Lawrence anthem (mostly about crack).  Musical number about Dapper Dillon's difficult parking lot.  Tony award caliber acting from Andy Morton all evening!  Big Joe shaking his ass a little.  The things-we've-outlasted slideshow (Borders, Bucky's, Bullwinkle's, etc...though isn't Bullwinkle's slated to rise again soon?  The slideshow also contained a picture of the recently-deceased kid from Glee for one of the evening's most tasteless jokes).  Sexy burlesque number about smoking reefer.  New drinking game in honor of Shark Week:  "When I say 'SHARK,' you say "Oh, holy shit!"  Most ridiculous title on Vic's summer reading selections in the program: "One Splooge Over the Cuckold's Breast."  Vic himself singing the lead role in the final musical number, a Lawrence-themed version of (naturally) Simple Minds' "Don't Forget About Me."

We have critiques too.  For instance, combining the great Shitty Deal Puppet Theatre with the shout-out-to-our-sponsors sketch seemed like a miscalculation, since they're both usually highlights on their own.   But critiques seem petty at this point.  All in all, a very worthy send-off to one of LFK's best and longest-lasting traditions. Farewell!   

Lovely pic via Nick Schmiedeler from Victor's Facebook page.  See more here.


Just when you thought there was nothing happening on a Monday in LFK, along comes word that Mates of State will play a free, short set (maybe just a few songs) at Frank's tonight at 7:00 en route to their huge opening slots for The Postal Service in KC this week.  Expect a scene.  But why can't they ever play a full-on show for the hometown fans these days?  Oh well.  Guess we can't have it all in LFK.  See you in the cockfighting pit at Frank's!

We’re playing a free warm-up show at Frank’s Tavern in Lawrence, KS tomorrow (Monday!) night at 7pm.

508 Locust Street.

see you there Lawrence. 


And Tuesday brings an encore presentation of Trash Nite's classic "Wrasslin" showcase to the Bottleneck.  More free entertainment, folks!   Chip loves wrestling almost as much as Honey Boo Boo and has been practicing her signature "Cup a Fart" move for weeks now.  Check out the video below from the recent season premiere.  In its second season, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has truly evolved into a clever deconstruction of New South values and stereotypes.  Highly recommended!

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