Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The LC's New Interview Series Begins with Katlyn Conroy

Readers, we're happy to offer up a new interview series here at the LC in which we ask movers and shakers in the art and music scene a few questions about what they do. Lest you think we're getting too professional, we'll do our best to make at least a few of those questions snarky and some of them about boners, but mainly this is just a forum for people that we dig to trumpet their work to whoever might be listening (mainly people who reach our blog by Googling things such as "team sex naked" and "taylor swift crotch"). If you have something going on and want to talk about it, leave a response or send us a tweet @larryvillelife and we'll determine if you're hip enough!

First in the series is Katlyn Conroy. You likely know her from Cowboy Indian Bear (Chip: "I still don't know if she's the Indian or the Bear.") but she's also got a new project called La Guerre. You can catch La Guerre opening up at the Bottleneck on Friday for Jon Harrison and the Harrisonics and the Dead Girls, and a video for the song "My Idea" is slated to appear soon. Thanks to Katlyn for being our inaugural interview subject!

Chip: First off, is it true that La Guerre is French for "the boner?

Katlyn: Actually, Chip, you're thinking of the ancient French-Canadian translation. In modern French, La Guerre means "The War."

Richard: Tell us about the La Guerre sound. Who are your influences? And can you incorporate one of those "it sounds like ________ meets _________" comparisons that music criticism so often relies on?

Katlyn: La Guerre began as an attempt to make my little bittersweet, minimalist love songs as instrumentally dynamic as possible. Think Emily Haines meets Lykke Li. As far as influences go, I love the vocal stylings of St. Vincent, as well as the strength behind her sound. I'm typically more akin to male artists, so I'm always very moved by strong female artists that carry more depth than i think they would.

Richard: What's coming up for La Guerre in 2012 as far as shows and recording?

Katlyn: We just had our first show in December, so we're taking it slowly when booking for 2012. The main focus is getting the album finished and getting songs released! We are trying to play once every few months in Lawrence and KC til that goal is met. We're very excited to play the Middle of the Map Fest in April!

Richard: Why should scenesters shell out their not-so-hard-earned dollars for La Guerre on Friday instead of the buzzy Zola Jesus show down at the Granada?

Katlyn: Zola Jesus is awesome. But how sweet would it have been to see her when she was first starting out? Come see La Guerre and witness the birth of some great music. (For the record, there won't literally be a live birth involved..)

Chip: What local bands or singers get you hot and bothered these days?

Katlyn: No one gets me hot and bothered like Jordan Geiger, but that's why he's involved in this project! He's been helping with the record and will be playing on it as well!

And Katlyn sent us this cool pic (which freaks us out a little):


Boner a Day said...

Way to go, LC, promote local and upcoming talent!

Chip is an excellent interviewer.

Plus, how do I get to the Taylor Swift crotch pictures?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I have a super crush on her...