Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weekend Scenester Itinerary: Get Folky, Quirky, And Electronic

An Irishman and an Englishman walk into the Replay...

This will happen on Friday evening.

 Nick Carswell hails from Ireland and his new band, Carswell and Hope, promises to play a set that ranges "from catchy indie pop tunes to sprawling Pink-Floyd style opuses."  We like a nice opus, on occasion, and their influence list seems right up our alley (Wilco, Sufjan Stevens, Neil Young, Sigur Ros).  

Opener Danny McGraw is from Manchester and cites influences such as Brit-pop, 60's folk, and 20th century blues.  Will there be a good-old fashioned Irish/English brawl after the sets?  Perhaps.  At any rate, the pints will be flowing. 


For a diverse evening, follow up the mellow porch music with My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult at the Granada:


On Saturday, Gavin Snider (of South Sea Island Magic) plays a free 9:30 pm show at the Burger Stand with opener Katlyn Conroy.  We haven't seen South Sea Island Magic but the Pitch says they possess "sweet, wide-eyed vocals and earnest, Postal Service-like synths."  Good enough for us.  Also,this show has cool flyers!


After the burgers and tunes, drop back by the Replay for a late-night set from Saddle Creek's UUVVWWZ.  Pitchfork says that it's "definitely not the worst band name you've ever encountered."  Maybe not, Pitchfork.  But it's pretty fucking close.  We also find their website infuriating (yet adorable). Check it out here .  

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