Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Culture Clash: Glen Hansard at Liberty Hall vs. Extreme Midget Wrestling at Granada / Spooky Final Friday Pick: Wonder Fair's 100 Ghost Stories

Even cold-hearted scenesters, despite themselves, fell a little in love with Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova in Once a few years back, but do they still think Glen Hansard  is "swell" (if you catch our reference) now that's he solo?   Find out tonight at Liberty Hall.

The NY-Times writes of Hansard's performance style:

"His voice is elastic and strong, a many-timbre instrument, and he uses them all, from a clear tenor to an anguished, grungy roar. He commits himself to every song with a scary intensity, draping the melody almost recklessly over the driving rhythm from his right hand. He accents that rhythm by hammering the stage with his right foot."

And on the other end of Mass. Street, at the Granada, midgets with names like "Lil Rampage" and "Baby Jesus" will wrestle each other.

Chip:  "Fuck YES!"



Our Wonder Fair friends are already in the Halloween spirit for Final Friday's opening of "100 Ghost Stories," followed by a month-long series of spooky shenanigans:

"With enough artists, events, installations, publications, and programming to make your head spin (all the way around,) 100 Ghost Stories represents an unprecedented level of curatorial complexity, and showcases the Wonder Fair’s dedication to bringing innovation, creativity, and most of all, levity to the Lawrence arts scene. It’s only at Wonder Fair, September 28th to October 21st: Be there, be scared!"

You had us at The Exorcist reference!  Plus, the art scene could use a little more "levity," as far as we're concerned (Chip:  "Serious art is the absolute worst.").

Some of the events include: "a print portfolio exchange, an art exhibition, a haunted installation, a zine publication, an evening of ghostly story-telling, and a special evening of film screenings."

Check out the FB event page here for full info on all the dates and stop by on Friday for a visit to a "haunted video store installation—where guests can ask for a special 'dismembership card.'"

 100 Ghost Stories: A Haunted Installation, Print Portfolio and Zine Release, and More!

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