Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday and Tuesday Scenester Picks: Dead Winter Carpenters, Frank Turner, John Lithgow, and Pass the Hat Series

If you didn't get enough pickin' and grinnin' and strummin' at Winfield over the weekend, head to the Bottleneck this evening for California's Dead Winter Carpenters and reread our weekend interview with the band's fiddler Jenni Charles over here.  And ask her about "sandpaper mittens" at tonight's show!

Here's the new album cover:



NBC didn't bother to air British troubadour Frank Turner's stirring performance during the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics, but you can witness "the people’s prince of punk poetry" (NME)  up close and personal tonight at the Granada.

He's joined by Brooklyn's delightfully-named Jenny Owen Youngs as well as Larry and His Flask.

Chip:  "PLEASE tell me Larry and His Flask is just a surly dude on stage drinking whiskey from a flask and hurling abuse at the scenesters!"

Sorry, Chip, it's actually a a Central Oregon six-piece that serves up "a blurry blend of lightning fast string-band picking, gorgeous nods to old-school country, and sublime multi-part harmonies, all presented through a prism of punk chaos."  But that sounds awesome too!  Visit their FB page here to learn more.


The great John Lithgow visits LFK for the first time today (what?? he didn't actually film his Day After scenes here?).  Catch him telling tales at the Lied Center this evening.  And is it pure coincidence that our friends at Frank's North Star happen to be screening The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai for their Monday Movie Night, or will Lithgow be making a late-night appearance to perform some of Dr. Lizardo's finest moments such as those in the video below? Show up and find out.


Our friends at the Percolator are reviving the Pass the Hat series on Tuesday with four acts: Radio Shock and Dick Neff and Jason Zeh and Gold Star.  Potluck at 5 and music at 7:00.   The Series is free but the hat gets passed to help the bands, and it can't get passed far unless people show up.

Radio Shock is a one-mand band who employs a "found Yamaha keyboard, a uniquely tuned guitar, and a few effects and toy noisemakers."  Dick Neff is a one-man band who "does some odd thing with a synth."  Jason Zeh plays "extended technique cassette music." (?).  And Gold Star (an LFK "mystery band") offers "loud rock and quiet noise." We tend to prefer quiet rock and loud noise, but this might be a nice change.

Get the full scoop at the Percolator site over here.

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