Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday and Monday Picks: Moongazing, Found Footage (Real and Fake), and Frank's Monday Movie

Readers, we aren't hippies or anything, but occasionally we like to romp around nude under a Harvest Moon.  Will this be allowed at tonight's 6th Annual Mid-Autumn Festival Moon Viewing Party outside the Lied Center? We suspect not.  At any rate, this event sponsored by the KU Center for East Asian Studies should be a fine occasion for moon-nerds to gaze at the moon while listening to the KC Chinese Music Ensemble and nibbling on "moon cakes," which are "traditional desserts filled with red bean paste, pineapple or nuts." 

Chip: "I prefer Moon Pies, and I usually carry a few in my pocket at all times."

Find more details via over here .


If you're more inclined toward hilarious film-related activities, the Found Footage Festival (Volume 6) hits the Granada tonight with a new collection of lost VHS oddities.  Eric Melin at Scene Stealers has a nice preview and interview with curator Nick Prueher over here . We're particularly excited about a piece called "The Sexy Treadmill Workout."


Or perhaps you prefer your found-footage to be fake.  Then stay home and get in the Halloween spirit by ordering up V/H/S via OnDemand (or wait around a few weeks and hope that Alamo KC might screen it). It's a creepy new horror anthology with films by such young horror luminaries as Ti West (we're big fans of his House of the Devil and The Innkeepers).  Go here and look at 5 bad-ass V/H/S posters.


Frank's Monday Movie Night continues tomorrow with 9 to 5.  Seems like an odd choice, but Dabney Coleman is awesome and Dolly Parton has large breasts, so why not?  Also, it will probably bring in the ladies!  While you're there, make sure to congratulate your friend and ours Frank Dorsey on being a runner-up as LFK's Best Bartender!  Congrats, Frank!

Visit the FB event page here . Also, we think the regulars at Frank's should then take a nice little field trip together later in the week to Lawrence Community Theater (or Theatre Lawrence, as they prefer to be known) and catch the 9 to 5 musical!


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