Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekend Picks for Freaks and Geeks: Free State Comicon, Foxy Burlesque at Franks, Monzie Leo at Bottleneck, and Insane Japanese Cinema in KC

Local comic books geeks will assemble for Free State Comicon on Saturday at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.  Visit the website here for the full scoop on the day's event.

And here is this year's promo: it's John Brown fighting some sort of Mayan beast to save the world (which is still slated to end in December, in case it's slipped your mind):


The Foxy By Proxy 2nd Birthday Bash hits Frank's North Star on Friday with an opening performance by Pale Hearts: "Doors at 8:00pm, rock at 9, boobies to follow. $7 at the door 21+."   Full info at the FB event page here.  145 folks say they're attending, so it should be quite a raucous evening which we we predict will climax (!) with a full-blown orgy in the underground lair.

Take a stroll down memory lane with a set of party pics from last year's V-Day show at B-neck.

 photo thumbnail


Monzie Leo hits the Bottleneck on Saturday with MN's Gypsy Lumberjacks.  Head to Bandcamp to check out Monzie Leo and the Northwest Two's new album Sneakin' in the Tall Grass.  The photo below of Monzie rocking  in front of Third Planet makes us smile every time we see it. And make sure to check out the Bottleneck's new website here for full info on this show and all their others. 

sneakin in the tall grass cover art

We understand that Monzie's also rocking the early evening Sunday slots over at Frank's North Star these days.  So you have plenty of opportunities to catch him in action.  And take a look at a video of a recent Monzie performance at Five Bar over at I Heart Local Music .  What the fuck is a Five Bar, you ask?  Pay attention, scenesters.  It's the former I-Bar at Ingredient, and apparently it's a happening joint for folk and bluegrass these days.  We hope to visit soon.


Our new favorite, out-of-LFK excursion is a trip to the Alamo Drafthouse KC.  If you're in the area on Sunday, do yourself a favor and check out their special screening of 1977's HAUSU, which they are promoting as the weirdest Japanese film of all time."  (although we'd argue that the recent, 4 hour Love Exposure gives it a serious run for the money).  Sure, you can see HAUSU on Criterion at home, but you probably need to see it with a roomful of baked freaks to truly "get" it.

Check out the info from the theater here and watch this insane trailer:

And here's
the scene where a wacky, floating severed head bites a girl on the ass:

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