Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Interview With LFK's Strider: "We're sending safe-buses for any stragglers who get left behind and will be regrouping for waffles in the morning..."

Team Bear Club is keeping the LFK hip hop scene bustling these days, and we caught up with one of their many disciples, Strider, for an interview before a major Jackpot showcase this Saturday, Sept. 8, which also features Stik Figa, Ebony Tusks, Cuddy Mac, and New Suede (reread our past interviews with Stik Figa over here and Ebony Tusks' Marty over here ).

Check Strider out on FB , tweet him @StriderLK , listen to him on Soundcloud, and enjoy this discussion which covers video games, the loveliness of LFK and its "disposition as a collective", and the many words that rhyme with boner.

Richard:  Tell us what makes Strider stand out among the LFK rap and hip-hop scene, which seems to be pretty active these days.  Also: what do you think makes the LFK scene different from KC or Top City?  Are LFK rappers more likely to rap about PBR?

Strider:   I’ve got my Marvel vs Capcom 3 game on lock. I’ve yet to have another rapper/producer beat me. MVC2 as well for that matter, but I’m a little rusty cause I haven’t played it in a while. I dare ya’ll to fuck with my Strider/Magneto in 3 though.

 LFK is different mostly because of the word “Fucking” in it. I’ve yet to see  “KFC” (unless we’re talking Vibralux) or “TFC” used as common acronyms, and that in itself says something about our disposition as a collective.

Chip:  I saw you perform once before at the Jackpot and you played a song that, I think, was called “Don’t Fuck With Ugly Bitches.”   You seemed wise beyond your years!  Do you stand by that advice in all cases or is it occasionally okay to fuck with ugly bitches?

Strider:   For the record, I’d like to state that "Ugly Bitches" was a song dedicated to ugly women AND men; My music is intended to be for everyone. That being said, I don’t think fucking with ugly bitches is bad occasionally if that’s your thing or you don’t tell anybody. Just make sure it’s at their place and not yours.

Richard:   Who are your influences?  Also: what do you think is the best line you’ve ever written and why?

Strider:  My influences are constantly changing, but right now I’m beginning to get more into grime and I gotta say Nu Brand Flexx holds it the fuck down.  Also, a lot of video game music. Lately I’ve been vibing out to Minecraft’s music while my roommate plays it and builds his own personal palace. 

My favorite line of my own is “Counterstrike playing I’m tossing grenades while I’m terrorist slaying go blacka ba blocka,” because I’m tough as fuck when I play CS!

Chip:  When I need to get hyped up about Lawrence, I watch your video for “The L” and try to do those dance moves along with you:  “on my shirt, on my back, shining like a star.”  Tell us how that song came about?   Do you think the City Commission might be willing to declare it the official theme song of Lawrence?

Strider:  Word!  Thanks, Chip! That song came about around the time I saw a house the day after it burned down and I was just like “Wow, I’ve seen/experienced more crazy shit here than anywhere else I’ve lived.” I didn’t go and intentionally write a song specifically about that, though.  "The L" just sort of came to me because Lawrence was one of the first cities that I’ve felt comfortable being myself in, and this was my way of saying thanks. I still think the City Commission should choose The Winner’s Circle and their anthem “Fuck You, I’m from Kansas” over “The L” for the official theme song, however.

Check out "The L" video over here.

Richard:  Saturday’s Jackpot show looks like one hell of a Bear Club party.  Tell our readers what to expect and why they MUST attend.

Strider:  Damn straight it is! Expect a lot of people to be going hard in the paint. Expect New Suede to wear something legendary, as he always seems to be surprising people. Expect fresh sounds and comfortable, pleasant vibes. Maybe I’ll burn some incense or spray some Febreeze or something. You HAVE to make it out.  We’re sending safe-buses for any stragglers who get left behind and will be regrouping for waffles in the morning to recount the night’s events. Oh, and expect real bears.

Chip:  Can I get high and freestyle a little at one of your shows sometime?  I’m really good at rhyming things with “boner.”

Strider:  Obviously. That’s an amazing talent you have.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 


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