Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Obligatory Blog About Winning the Best Blog in Lawrence Award

Readers, it's a proud day here at the LC, as we have been awarded the prestigious "Best Blog" award in the annual Best of Lawrence competition.  Thanks for your votes, and please read the top-notch write-up over here at (even though they were unable to print Chip's comments regarding his "victory boner.").

Will this award lead to a massive influx of visitors and launch us on a trajectory that culminates in a movie deal where Chip is played by, oh, let's say Jonah Hill?  Or will it merely earn us a couple of free PBRs from the same old sons-a-bitches who already read the blog?  Almost certainly the latter.  And that's fine by us.  We'll see you at the GBV show at the Granada this evening!

But first let's see what other Best of LFK awards have been bestowed so far in the Entertainment categories.

Our beloved Replay Lounge won the "Best Place to Dance" award, which means that it's likely to become even more unsuited to us old-timers during the weekend patio DJ nights.

715 won "Best Place for Romance" (although we personally voted for Frank's North Star in this category).

Chip:  "A lot of people don't know that 715's fried chicken livers are a powerful aphrodisiac."

And the best Twitter account (which we also wanted to win, truth be told) was conquered by Fake Joe Dooley.

Chip: "But that guy isn't even real!!"

However, we DID come in as a runner-up in that category, right alongside Fake Jeff Withey!

And's time to rest on our laurels this weekend and drink some PBR.

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