Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LFK's Required Listening and Reading: Coke Weed X and Winter's Bone

Yes, we know that we're lagging behind in our support of the Coke Weed X album by the Costello boys, but scenesters are notoriously late, so let us add our official endorsement today of "this gleaming treasure chest of post-Rock, old-Soul and MacBook cut-and-paste."

As you know, each and every release by Range Life Records is mandatory listening in LFK, and the RLR website spells out your assignment quite clearly for you:

"Before Summer ends: put this Coke Weed X album on in your headphones and go chill by the pool or put a blanket down in the park or walk downtown like a breeze through the action and soak it up. It'll feel fantastic or your money back." 

Chip: "I'm choosing the 'like a breeze through the action' option, but it looks like The Man is poised to install a bunch of new surveillance cameras in downtown LFK to monitor all my fucking breeze-walking." 

Head to Bandcamp and soak up the album, scenesters!  And read the full profile of the project via I Heart Local Music over here

Coke Weed X cover art


Your literary assignment for the month, of course, is Winter's Bone as part of Read Across Lawrence, and the big date with Woodrell his own self is fast-approaching (Sept. 27 at Liberty Hall).

Tonight at 8:00 you can participate in a Twitter-chat about Bone.  Make sure to use the ral12 hashtag.

So far, we're pleased that the book is turning out decidedly weirder than the terrific film version, complete with mystical ancestor worship and magical fish guts.

Chip: "Most erotic phrase so far, in a discussion of the mother's adultery:  "hot buttered parts" (42).

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