Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Scenester Pick: Generals at Wonder Fair / Youth Lagoon at the Jackpot on Monday / Angry LJ-World Editorial of the Week

Now that all our plans for one more KU/Mizzou Big 12 championship showdown have been crushed like so many innocent brains under Quantrill's bootheel, how should we spend our evening instead?

Perhaps the Pizza Power/rock show at Wonder Fair? The show serves as a cassette release for The Generals (will cassettes ever NOT be hip?). And Heartscape Landbreak opens the evening.

It's hard as hell to find the Generals' on-line presence (there are A LOT of bands called "The Generals), but after much work we located their Bandcamp page. Check out "Funeral Suit Blues," why don't you?


It's very important around SXSW-time to keep an eye on buzzy, Pitchfork-approved bands who might be passing through en route to or from Austin. Prime example: Youth Lagoon's Monday night appearance at the Jackpot.

Pitchfork bestows an impressive 8.4 on 2011's The Year of Hibernation:

"The Year of Hibernation... starts with a warbly synth to evoke the fabled VHS glow that has become a touchstone for kids of his generation."

"Two of the first three songs reference the late-night strobe of the television and beds and walls of posters, and these are mixed with campgrounds, woods, lakes, and watching fireworks from a roof."

"Hibernation is a record for pulling up the covers and dreaming and then venturing out to the town to see the strange and magical world of encroaching adulthood."

You had us at "VHS glow." Read the full Pitchfork review here .

And look at Youth Lagoon sitting in a forest:


Now that Amber Hansen chickened-out (get it?!) of publicly displaying and slaughtering chickens for her art project, what is there to yell angrily about in the LJ-World.

Let's find out:

"I was offended by Cathy Hamilton’s repeated use of the word “freaking” in her column in the March 3 edition of the Journal-World. The objectionable word is not only a synonym for a common, vulgar word. It is also sophomoric on the part of a writer of Mrs. Hamilton’s perceived refinement and local fame. Instead of setting a good example for her readers, she has chosen a word used by adolescents to impress their peers. Why?"

Chip: "I've found that to truly impress my peers, the word 'fucking' works much, much better."

For what it's worth, Boomer Girl, the LC fully supports your use of the word "freaking." Let the freak flag fly.

Best snarky talkback award goes to Snap_Crackle_No_Pop: "Somebody reads Cathy Hamilton's columns?"

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