Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Final Four Coverage (Yes, Of Course It Contains KU Boobs)

Readers, the day has arrived! KU faces Ohio State in a Final Four battle for the ages but most of the talk around Larryville centers not so much on the game itself as on plans for a massive Mass. Street afterparty (let's not count our Jayhawks before they hatch, folks!) and the ongoing phenomenon of "KU Boobs," which has now spawned a T-shirt:

Let's hope these shirts will help prevent at least as much domestic violence as they inspire.

Order yours here .

In the event that KU does win tonight, Larryville's finest have decided to close Mass. Street entirely, issuing this rather ominous proclamation:

"...if you park your car down there, you are probably staying down there for the duration. We won’t be escorting anybody out.”

We're envisioning a kind of "Escape from LFK" situation here. (We'll be dressed as Snake Plissken).

But where will you be watching the game? If tradition/superstition didn't require us to remain at Dempsey's, we'd certainly consider joining the masses at Liberty Hall simply because this poster is so fucking cool:

Anyway, drink up, rock chalk, and we'll leave you today with this #kuboobs shot of our occasional guest-writer @courtbelle ! Thanks, Courtney!

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BARRRF said...

Cars get fucced up & walked on! Do not park downtown unless u don't care about wasted bros trashing your ride!