Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Worthy (But Now Cancelled) Event of the Week: Soup and Bread at the Replay on Friday / The Burger Debates Heat Up

[Update: Soup and Bread has been cancelled. No soup for you!! Watch basketball instead]

Yes, we're giving you two food-related posts in a row, but rest assured that we're working hard in the next few weeks to bring you interviews with: the Noise FM (we'll be talking erotic fan-fiction!), the Super Nerd Night crew from Astrokitty (their next event at the B-Neck arrives on March 21), and Olassa (who have a patio gig during the St. Patty's festivities at the Replay during which we'll be passed out directly behind them, in the alley, in a puddle of green beer).

In the meantime, however, let's talk about soup!

As you know, we're not particular fans of "causes" or "good deeds," but we'll occasionally spread the word on worthy events, particularly when such events are held at the Replay. Perhaps you've heard of Chicago's Soup and Bread, a weekly event at The Hideout that assembles local chefs, artists, and musicians to eat soup and raise money for hunger relief through donations. Well,Soup and Bread's creator Martha Bayne is taking the show on the road these days, selling cookbooks and stopping by the Replay on Friday for an evening of soup made from locals (donations go to Just Food of Douglas County). We've received no word yet on who's cooking, but we hope the Vigilantes make some of their patented "Vigilante minestrone!" And will there be entertainment during the proceedings? At the very least, we expect to see Tyler Gregory strumming and slurping soup in the corner. The event is from 6:00-9:00.

Visit the Hideout's Soup and Bread info page here and the official Soup and Bread website
here .


If we're going to give that snooty Burger Wizard known as @mentalplex an open forum to praise or deride Larryville burgers, it's only fair we give the burger joints a chance to retort. Here's the response from Local Burger in reply to the Wizard's review from yesterday:

@mentalplex, we're really sorry that you had a bad experience when you visited. We work to make the best burger in town and you obviously disagreed.

We want to let you know though that our grass-fed, Kansas-raised beef is incredibly fresh. We never use pre-packaged burgers. Unlike some, we get it directly from the ranchers who raise the cattle.

In addition to beef, we offer pork, elk, bison, turkey, tofu, adzuki bean and veggie burgers as well as a ton of dishes in addition to burgers. If you did not like the beef when you visited, we encourage you to come back in and try one of our many other options.

We hope that you'll give us another shot in the future!

- All our Local Love, Local Burger

Coming soon: the Wizard goes to Dempsey's!

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leslie said...

We'll dish out soup soon, promise. In the meantime, remind me to make no moves or plans in March ever again, ever.