Monday, March 26, 2012

Obligatory Elite Eight Photo Blog: Street Parties, Leotards Parties, and KU Boobs!

Making it to the Final Four demands a full evening of boozing and high-fiving and dancing and climbing trees along Mass. Street, especially following another glorious defeat of Roy "Crybaby" Williams. And Larryville was happy to make the most of the opportunity yesterday.

We were jealous of these rooftop revelers and their great view (Chip kept falling while trying to scale the wall of Teller's).

Afterwards we took a break from the streets to hit the Replay, where our pals in The Leotards rudely interrupted a dance party for a short set of filthy tunes that contained a moving (yet still highly danceable) cover of "Bitches Ain't Shit."

And then it was right back to the streets in time to watch this chick puke through a sunroof.


But perhaps the highlight of the weekend was neither on the court NOR in the streets but rather in the magical hashtag #KUBoobs, which began appearing prior to Friday's NC-State game and continued throughout the weekend to feature "delectable" (Chip's term) shots of ladies' cleavage encased in KU attire. If you're reading this and still not convinced to join Twitter, there is probably no hope for you.

Special thanks to our Twitter-buddy @_cimmy_ for allowing us to share this nice shot of her KU Boobs! Rock Chalk! See you all in the bars on Saturday.


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