Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Things We Like This Week: Sam Billen's Annual Christmas Record ; The Return of Film Church; KU Volleyball in the Sweet 16

Your friend and ours, jolly ol' Sam Billen, released his annual free Christmas album yesterday, a beloved holiday tradition in LFK.  This one opens with a Wham! cover and features extra helpings of Suzy Johannes. What's not to like?  Head over to Bandcamp and download it now, you grinches!

 You Can Always Give cover art


Film Church is back at Liberty Hall on the 15th and this time it's in the evening for some reason!  (perhaps because scenesters loved the idea of Film Church in theory but weren't very good at actually waking up before noon on Sundays).

This month's choice: Terry Gilliam's beloved holiday classic (?)  Brazil.  This'll be good.   More info here via Liberty Hall.



Sure, the men's basketball team suffered a discouraging loss to Colorado last weekend (leading Chip to burn his KU diploma and declare the team to be "the worst during my lifetime").  But don't worry, Chip.  We're primarily a volleyball school these days, and on Friday the ladies will play in the Sweet 16 for the first time ever as they take on Washington in the regional matches out in LA.

Did you know that hardcore KU Volleyball fans painted themselves for the matches?   We didn't.  But here's a cool pic via a KU Sports gallery that reveals it to be true. Presumably it says "Team Crush?"

photo thumbnail

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