Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Local Sign of the Week: Biemer's / Video of the Week: The Grisly Hand's "Country Singles" / Plus, Yeezus vs. Tweedy!!

Our pals at Biemer's recently hosted a contest to see who could come up with the best innuendo for their new sign.  Chip's entries were sadly rejected for their lack of subtlety, but we can't quibble with the winner.  Gaze upon it:


We were intrigued by the new "Country Singles" video from KC's The Grisly Hand by the press blurb alone:   
"If you like good music, drive-ins, movies about Satanic hippie cults, true love, truckers, CB radios, Singles magazines and tridents, then this music video is for YOU!" 


Watch it via Youtube right here:


And tonight's the night, folks.  Kanye West is in the area (at Sprint Center).  Apparently he's got his Yeezus LED lights functioning again after cancelling some tour dates. Obviously, he can't be expected to perform without all his...bling!  Let us know if it's awesome.  We'll be twenty or so blocks away at the Uptown with Mr. Jeff Tweedy, getting our "dad-rock" on.

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