Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Midweek Scenester Picks: The Leotards Take Kansas City and Cowboy Indian Bear Celebrates Stop Day Eve

When we last heard The Leotards they were howling their beautiful obscenities from a rooftop in East LFK sometime over the summer.  We assume they spent the intervening time in jail (or "the big house," as they call it).  But tonight they're on the loose and playing their first-ever KC gig at the Union in Westport.  We'll be damned if we can find any info on the lineup, or even an official website or Facebook page for the club, but that makes it even hipper, right?  So head over to see King Tosser and Stephanie Stix win over a mid-week Westport crowd with mature new songs like "Ghost" (listen here via Soundcloud) and presumably old favorites such as "Sugar Dick."

Closer to home, our friends in Cowboy Indian Bear are playing a big KJHK-sponsored Stop Day Eve show at the Granada which will surely be full of young scholars taking a much-needed break before finals.  Also on the bill: Middle Twin; Forrester; and the ever-present Psychic Heat.  We're hoping that the bands all play some wizard rock/dragon rock tunes as this show coincides with the release of the dumbly-titled Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug!

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