Monday, December 2, 2013

Stuff We Like This Week: Snipe Hunt; Oldest Working Theater in US; And Our First Christmas Scenester Pick

The Percolator has easily out-weirded Wonder Fair with their current Snipe Hunt exhibit, so make sure you get out there and check out this obsessively curated show (from Kent Smith and Matthew Lord) that relies heavily on stories solicited from the community about their encounters with strange creatures.  Make sure to look for the story about the magical guy who works at the Douglas County Fair.

During the opening, we spotted a Sasquatch skulking along the fence out front while people were reading the stories aloud around a campfire.  But it turned out to be KT Walsh in a Sasquatch costume.


Did you know Ottawa, Kansas has what may well be the "oldest working theater in the U.S?  We didn't either.   Check out the cool story via LJ-World with photos from Mike Yoder:

And visit the Plaza Grill and Cinema website here to read about (and contribute to) their plans to turn the site into "an interactive historical experience").


And it's December, folks, which means there's something Christmas-related every damn day in LFK from here on out.  Tonight brings a booze-fueled and burlesque-filled option as the Thieves' Guild celebrate their anniversary by drinking and drawing pretty girls (and Roscoe "Bandit" Jenkins). Go join 'em.

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