Monday, November 3, 2014

Early Week Picks: Drink, Draw, Dance, Vote

If you were to wonder where the most likely place would be in LFK to find scenesters sitting around attempting to imitate the work of Edgar Degas, Fatso's would probably not be your first choice.  But it will happen there tonight with the Thieves Guild.  According to the FB page: "Our lovely ballet dancer Dolly D. Imples of Foxy by Proxy shall twist and turn into poses inspired by French artist Edgar Degas."


Meanwhile, at the Jackpot, a band called Bone Jugs N Harmony will make a racket with "bones, jug, xylophone, kazoos, steel pan, resonator guitar, banjo, double bass, drums, all sorts of noise makers." LFK's Nicholas St. James and the Ovaries-Eez are also on the bill and supposedly the set-times are at 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00 (though this seems awfully unlikely and too good to be true).  Details here.

Not a bad double-dose of weirdness on a Monday night in LFK.

And tomorrow: don't forget to vote out the bums!!  Let's Boog-ie!  (if you catch our Boog reference).

Here's Paul Davis giving a reporter the stink-eye via


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