Thursday, October 30, 2014

Final Halloween Picks: Amazing Feats of Loneliness, Sluts Getting Groovy, Obligatory Cover Bands, ASSJAMZ, and More!

Card Table's big and bold new production of Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness enters the second weekend of its run at the Arts Center.  With the World Series over, you've got fewer excuses now.  Go check it out.

For many scenesters, it's not Halloween unless you hit the Replay.  This year's selection of cover bands includes LAZY playing Gun Club tunes, some Mouthbreathers playing Mummies tunes, and Brownbackistan, a Dead Kennedys cover band.  Too bad no one can be bothered to make a flyer (that we can find).

The Bottleneck is terrible on Twitter these days, but their Halloween show does have a cool poster, and we dig the Cowgirls' Train Set folks, so we'll promote it.  Hell, we may even attend. We've been wanting to catch the revamped Ants.


The Sluts and Many Moods of Dad will play early sets at Love Garden tomorrow.  No flyer here either, but the description via the FB event page is pretty great:

Hey Yo Tramps, Thieves + Dirty Nurses:

The Sluts are turning out a unique set of their more groovy songs as a tribute to the devil, and MMOD is dropping an LP to cap the night off. On top of that, Ryan Wise of the Sluts is gonna spin some LPs to kick the night off right!

7pm: Ryan "Slutty Adams Family" Wise spins LPs.
8pm: The Sluts - Halloween set of Smooth Groovers

8:45: Many Moods of Dad - LP Release Show

Or maybe you're in the mood for Halloween boobies?  Head to Liberty Hall. Details here via FB.

And last but certainly not least: a Halloween ASSJAMZ at the Granada for all you sexy guys and ghouls to shake your costumed asses!


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