Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stuff We Like This Week: Indiegogo Campaign to Pay Off Kansas Budget Deficit; Noir Film Fest; Boulevard 25th Anniversary Ale

The most amusing Kansas-related story you're likely to see today is Will Averill's Indiegogo campaign to help pay off the state's budget deficit:  "We may not have a lot of mountains, trees, or good fiscal judgement, but we do have bills."  A $200 donation gets you a monkey from the Wichita Zoo.  Check it out here
and laugh through the tears.

Here's a recent picture that led us briefly to believe Brownback was being  imprisoned for his many crimes again Kansas while forced to wear a K-State shirt.  Sadly it turned out not to be the case.

If we lived in KC we'd kick back at the Alamo KC all weekend for the first annual Noir City film festival, a chance to see noir classics like Gun Crazy and In a Lonely Place on the big-screen along with appearances from Gun Crazy's Peggy Cummins and a noir-themed party at the Chesterfield bar.  Sometimes LFK is simply out-hipped.  Details here.

And Boulevard's Silver Anniversary Ale has made it on tap in LFK.  It's a collaboration with Odells, also celebrating their 25th.  We know Dempsey's has it.  Where else?

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