Monday, October 20, 2014

Stuff We Life This Week: Local Celebrity Coffee Drinks; Boog-Style Politics; Royals and Sung Woo

Our friends at La Prima Tazza have a new monthly special: a drink inspired by a local celebrity.  Will Chip eventually get his own frothy beverage, perhaps one with a little boner carefully crafted into the foam?  Maybe (though probably it won't be exactly like that description). Keep an eye on Tazza's back-from-the-dead and very active Twitter account here. This month's Halloween-centric concoction is the "Bloody BARRR."  Here's BARRR drinking it. 

We like that local political legend Boog had an army of fire-wielding hula hoopers helping him "Fire Up The Vote!" on Mass. this weekend.


And did you all hear that the Royals are in the damn WORLD SERIES??  We like it. And none other than @Koreanfan_KC is en route back to KC as we speak.  With Sung Woo on hand, the Royals will NOT lose.

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