Thursday, October 9, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedy, Rock, and Drugs

On a week when we take a blogging break, wouldn't you know that the damn Daily Show comes to LFK to film a segment and JoCo issues a few gay marriage licenses.  What?? Maybe we should take vacations more often.

So what's up this weekend?  Let's do one pick per night.

You know the drill.  Thursday is for comedy.  We have no idea who these showcase performers are, but it's cheap and tacos are served.

Return to Replay on Friday for an I Heart Local Music showcase with a Full House poster.  Speaking of Full House, isn't it about time for the Card Table gang to launch another sitcom re-enactment?  Let's hope so.

We've sort of stopped promoting Granada shows lately since the venue annoys us, but the War on Drugs show should be cool on Saturday.   Despite the band name, we predict solid drugs at this show.  Looks like BARRR and his brothers are opening the show (though somehow we suspect it's not the BARRR we know).


And what else?  Watch the Royals, dummies!!

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