Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our Interview With Sona: "Wall of guitar meets fuzzy bass meets snappy beats. They make sweet musical love."

Readers, this week's three-day interview spree comes to an end today and we're getting local on your asses with Brian, Jenna, and Bobby from LFK's finest purveyors of shoegaze, Sona!

Sona is poised to take over the Replay this week for a Friday matinee that's certain to leave you staring right at your shoes!  Long Shadows kick things off in the opening slot around 6:00 (reread our interview with the band's Dalin Horner here), followed by Sona in the middle slot around 7:00, and wrapping up with KC's Actors and Actresses around 8:00.   Head over to their FB page here and "like" them and visit the FB event page here and vow to be there bright and early on Friday!

Now enjoy this interview, in which Brian tell us why the band is huge in India, Jenna explains how best to listen to shoegaze, and Bobby coins a term for a new genre that makes Chip giggle.

Richard: I keep wanting to call the band “Soma,” probably because I’m a literary geek who’s thinking about Brave New World. But tell us about the actual band name. What’s the origin story?

Brian: You're not the first person to want to call us "Soma".  We've arrived at more than one venue only to see our name as "Soma" on the marquee.  We normally let it slide without too much destruction.  So, the story of Sona goes like this...I got a phone call from a woman who was interested in buying something I had listed on Craigslist.  When I asked her name, she said "Sona" and Jenna(bass/wife) thought that would make a great name for our new band.  We thought it sounded like a musical term and if you listen to our music, we think it describes our sound.  We've kept the name now for eight or so years.  It's also a pretty common Indian woman's name (Sona was from India) and subsequently, about 1/3 of our Facebook fans are from India and have never even heard us!

Bobby : Conan O'Brien's assistant's name is Sona.

Chip: You list one of your genres as “shoegaze,” and I personally never know how to behave when I see a shoegaze band. Do you PREFER that I stare at the floor all evening, or is it okay to actually watch you perform?
Jenna: I'd prefer you stare at the floor with one eye, while keeping one eye on us.

Bobby: : We actually have a new sound.  We call it "Bonergaze".  We prefer that you stare at our boners.
Brian : Yeah, Chip, gaze at Bobby's boner.

Richard: Your FB page lists a couple of scenester touchstones in describing your sound: Sonic Youth and Joy Division. But can you describe the “Sona sound” using one of those “we sound like ________ meets __________” comparisons and filling in those blanks with more estoteric references to please our elitist readership.

Jenna: Wall of guitar meets fuzzy bass meets snappy beats. They make sweet musical love. 
Brian : Voyager One meets Serena Maneesh and have a beautiful love child named Sona.

Bobby : Boner meets Gaze.

Chip: I’m always fascinated by bands with married couples in them. Do you ever get in huge marital spats on stage because, say, somebody forgot to wash the fucking dishes or something?

Brian : We're lovers not fighters.
Jenna : What he said.

Bobby: I get into spats with myself onstage.

Richard: What’s the best song Sona has written so far and why?

Jenna: The newest songs are always the best. Our newest is still called "New Song."

Brian: Exit System -  It's one of those songs that came from "Hey, I got this one part but nothing else" and we built the song around that one part.  The song just seemed to work itself out.  It's a bitching song.  Come hear it Friday.  It's the last song of our set and it gives Bobby a boner.

Bobby : Exit System!

Chip: Our readers rarely go to shows that start prior to midnight, so leave us with a blurb that convinces LFK’s lazy scenesters that they absolutely MUST attend a Replay show at the ungodly hour of 6:00 pm.

Jenna: 8 hours of PBR and sweet musical love.

Brian : Get into your skinny pants, hop on your 80's 10-speed, and get down to the Replay by 6pm to see three bands that will make you and your bad-hair girlfriend weep with joy!   


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