Monday, December 10, 2012

Nerd Nite 12 Preview / Monday Music and Movie Picks: Math the Band, Til Willis, Appropriate Grammar, Teen Wolf

Now that our favorite nerds have gone "mainstream" with a splashy article in the Sunday LJ-World (read it here), will we abandon them in favor of something a little lesser known?  Nah, we have too much fun writing about their nerdery.  And can't we agree that the article's photo of "co-bosses" Travis and Becky is 100% adorable?

Photo detail

This month's Nerd Nite ("Alumnite") is a one-year anniversary celebration and it's being marked with three returning favorite speakers chosen by nerdy voters. Here are their three (all-new) presentations:

1) "The Sound of Thunder Over Headphones: Ray Bradbury and the Radio" by Justin Runge

Given Bradbury's recent passing, this one is timely.

Chip:  "I'm aware of his work."  (Free PBR for the first to guess Chip's reference).

2)  "Spit-Shining the Rust Belt: Transforming a Region from Smokestacks to Tech Startups" by Steph Kozak

3)   "The origins of life: A quick biochemical history" by Bryan Smith

Steph's and Brian's presentations sound inspiring and complicated, respectively, and we tend to be leery of inspiring and/or complicated things, so they've got their work cut out for them!


It's Monday, it's Finals Week for KU students, and the Mayan apocalypse is fucking looming, so what should you do this evening.  Here are three options.

Math the Band is bringing their "electro-spazz" to the Bottleneck.  We interviewed them last week (read it here).  It's sponsored by Wonder Fair.  Agent X-12 is also on the bill.  Here's his bio:

"AGENT X-12 is a cyborg lost 20 years in the future on a random world. The agent’s origin and eye color are unknown. What we do know about Agent X-12 is that he is 5’11” and a fully analog circuit-bending cassette sorcerer."

We found a rare photo of Agent X-12 in action via his FB  page.

Yeah, it's going to be weird.  Visit the FB event page here for lots of links on the bands.


At the Jackpot, Til Willis takes the stage along with a KC band called Appropriate Grammar (Chip: "I bet they'd freak if we spelled their name wrong!).  

The flyer features a kid smoking while sitting near a chicken.

 Jackpot Juke: featuring Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy / Appropriate Grammar / Beach Team
And Chip is finding himself strangely aroused by Appropriate Grammar's Lies and Stories album cover:

We also like the description of their sound from their FB page.

"Their songs sway between The Black Keys' howling guitars and country roots, into Clash territory with funky basslines and fast drumming before spiraling into a collage of Explosions In The Sky's sonic depth and The Pixies' pop sensibilities with just a hint of Nick Drake's eerie and well-written vocals."


And across the river at Frank's, Monday Movie Night continues with...


Somehow we suspect the night will culminate in a van-surfing contest along Locust Street.  Be careful out there, scenesters!

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