Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Very Special Christmas Message From The Noise FM

As tradition dictates, when the "Noise Boys" of The Noise FM return from Chicago to LFK for a show, we ask them to write us a "very special message."  On Saturday, they'll be headlining their annual Toys for Tots fundraiser.  It's at the Replay this year, which means no tots are allowed!  Also on the bill:  Sovereign States and Everyday/Everynight.   So enjoy the following message from Alex, which dispenses pretty quickly with the necessary details and focuses on what we all (or at least Richard and Chip) really want to know:  how these superfans feel about the recently announced Boy Meets World spin-off and how it's likely to affect their erotic fan-fiction about the show.   Thanks, Noise Boys! 

Visit the FB event page here here .  For a more complete--and more serious--preview of Saturday's show, visit our friends at I Heart Local Music here .

Noise For Toys: A Benefit For Douglas County Toys For Tots
Saturday, December 8
Replay Lounge
W/ The Noise FM, Sovereign States, Everyday/Everynight
Unopened Toy Donations Accepted
Ugly Christmas Sweaters Encouraged

"This will be the 4th Annual Noise For Toys Benefit concert for Douglas County Toys for Tots, and we’re making one major change this year: we’re hosting it at Replay for the first time. Past years have been all-ages affairs. This year we’re not screwing around. 21+. No kids, no mercy. Representatives from Toys for Tots will be on hand to collect unopened toy donations. Cover is only $3, but don’t try to pull anything like the douchebag who showed up last year with some crap from the Dollar Store. The kids we’re donating to are poor, not stupid.

This is also our first trip back to Lawrence since Disney’s recent announcement of the new “Boy Meets World” spin-off, “Girl Meets World.” We started writing our “Boy Meets World” erotic fan-fiction two years ago on Twitter, and since then “Boy Meets World” has regularly been a trending topic. If there was a grassroots movement to bring Corey, Topanga, Shawn and Mr. Feeny back to television, we were at the head of it. So we weren’t all that surprised when Disney reached out to us about consulting on the new series. Predictably, those stiffs over at Disney considered our ideas to be a bit too edgy for their tastes. The words “offensive” and “grotesque” and “possibly illegal” might have been thrown around. The new spin-off has raised a few concerns for us, mostly because of Disney’s decision to focus the story on Corey & Topanga’s 13-year old daughter. Hey Disney, good luck turning that into an erotic adventure, you perverts. (For the record, we’ve already begun work on an erotic fan-fiction story following the adventures of Corey & Topanga’s 13-year old daughter.)

Anyone who has followed our erotic fan-fiction (we just call it “literature”) knows we would have taken things in a drastically different direction, with Shawn, a double-amputee, his body ravaged by years of meth use and Taco Bell, partaking in a sweat-soaked orgy with Corey, Topanga and Mr. Feeny in the back of Feeny’s Subaru parked in an abandoned Kohl’s parking lot. Our story ended with Mr. Feeney suffering a fatal heart attack mid-coitus, and Corey, Shawn and Topanga walking away with a severe case of pinkeye. We’re sure Disney’s version will be fun too though."

 Noise For Toys at Replay W/ The Noise FM, Sovereign States, Everyday Everynight

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