Friday, February 17, 2012

This Week in Local News: Corrupt Cops, Compton's Hotel, and Top City Protests

Let's dispense with the usual scenester guide today (just go to the Replay) and see what's in the news in Larryville (and its environs).

Just when you thought the KU ticket scandal had gone away, along comes the news that two of Larryville's finest were fixing tickets in exchange for basketball tickets. Best LJ-World talkback line so far: "Rock Chalk Jay Cop!"

Last night the Historic Resources Commission denied the newest set of revised plans for Compton's 9th and NH hotel. Compton has vowed to seek an appeal from the City Fathers within the next few weeks, who will almost certainly grant him free reign to do whatever he likes, as per usual. Best talkback line so far is from GUMnNUTS: "Will the sixth floor restaurant be Mexican or pizza?"

And in Topeka, citizens rallied this week against policies of Gov. Brownback and Sec. of State Kris Kobach. The best LJ-World talkback rant so far is from tuschkahouma, which contains a Ricky Bobby joke, a treatise on Native American languages, and a reference to Eggo waffles:

"The ljworld fibbed on the crowd size. Go figure. It was announced as 800 people by the announcer there... It's hilarious that a backwards state like Alabama (Halbamo in my Choctaw language) is already looking for exemptions to that nonsense law because ricky bobby and carrie sue won't put down their anti illegals sign and go do field work and the people enforcing Juan Crow laws like the Jim Crow laws of the past are being embarrassed when foreign car companies Mercedes Benz and Hyundai have their executives pulled over for routine
traffic offenses and didn't have papers with them a couple of months ago. My tribe is above Mobile, Alabama. English and Spanish are immigrant languages. Tuscaloosa means Black Warrior in our language. Wewoka, Wetumpka, and Tuskegee are Creek words and towns in Alabama. I hope these gop politicians starting eating eggo waffles for all the egg on their faces."

Yes, there were V For Vendetta masks on the scene (photo via Topeka Capital Journal ):

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dbkundalini said...

If Lawrence cops fix tickets for basketball tickets, I wonder what they'd do for a Klondike.