Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hipster Film Pick of the Week: I Am Not a Hipster / Important Upcoming Local Theater Events

Destin Daniel Cretton’s I Am Not a Hipster won raves at Sundance for its portrayal of a San Diego singer-songwriter struggling to deal with a recent break-up with the help of his "fixed-gear-bike-racing friend Clarke" (Wired). The film's star also sings the songs on the soundtrack, which the director claims is sort of a prequel to the film. It all sounds very hip to us, but maybe it isn't? Learn more at the official site


We have a feeling that a lot of people (or at least us) will opt for KU/Missouri basketball over theater on Saturday night, but Lawrence Arts Center (unafraid) will offer up "On Screen Offspring" this weekend, "an evening of multimedia one act plays by area filmmakers." Luckily, there's a Friday show as well. The press material promises that "audiences will enjoy talking a journey through familiar Lawrence locations, such as the Farmer's Market, Lawrence Municipal Airport and Clinton Lake." No word on whether your favorite bars will make appearances.

We're more excited, however, about the following week's presentation of "JONAH QWERTY IS FEMME ASSASSIN GUY" by Micheal Timothy Dieker, "A full-length musical horror about the rise of gay serial killer Jonah Qwerty, who rose to infamy for uploading musicalized murders to YouTube." (Sat. Feb. 11 at 9:30) and "PIES FROM THE PORN KITCHEN," by Natalie Liccardello: "Two cleaning ladies walk into an upscale Manhattan apartment and encounter an unlikely mix of baked goods, pornography, and a naked dude named Zeke. Shenanigans ensue, hearts are won, and a star is born." (Sunday, Feb. 12, at 7:30).

Surely we are making shit up at this point, you might well assume. But you'd be wrong: go to the LAC site for full details.


Anonymous said...

The best part of Femme Assassin Guy is that they brutally murder Fred Phelps! It's fking EPIC!

sophisticated theatergoers said...

Thanks for the links. We don't quite get what's happening and when. There's a performance this weekend, then more in May?

Anonymous said...

Saturday night at Lawrence Arts Center at 9:30 pm, as a staged reading? Like with scripts and stuff i assume. Then in May at Bottleneck the 10th 11th and 12th as the real deal production? I caught "Jonah" at an event in KC and it was incredible. Ironic, hilarious, and terrifying. Can't wait for SATURDAY! I wanna be a femme assassin!

thanks said...

Cool. Three night stand at the B-Neck? Hopefully people love theater more than we think! Will try to put something on the blog this weekend but probably can't make it on Sat. Feel free to submit reviews!

Anonymous said...

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