Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Local Website of the Week / Local Flash Mob of the Week

Readers, the Larryville brand is back in a major way. In addition to our own PBR and boner jokes here at the LC, there's our Twitter-buddies over at @LarryfuckingKS (if you're not getting retweeted by them on a regular basis, you're probably not hip) and now the new kids on the block over at , a mysterious website that "went live" last night and claims to help one locate important bargains, events, photos, and tweets from nearby locations. So far, Chip's searches in the "dorm photos" sections have yielded no titties, and the most interesting tweet we've discovered (originating in the "student ghetto") is this one: "Enjoying an OK breakfast at 1145 Louisiana St. #wishihadeggs #wafflebaby #larryvilleku."

But presumably the site is useful for reasons we've yet to discover, so let us know about your experiences there.

In the meantime, we'll stick with the KU Nights site for our weekly dose of local debauchery. Did you know that THIS happened at the Granada on Sunday:


And apparently the term "flash mob" is being used rather loosely these days, judging from this (announced in advance!) Elvis event that occurred during a KU class yesterday.

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Can you feel it? said...

You can't tweet hip, twit. You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.