Friday, February 24, 2012

The Final Border War

There are other things going on this weekend, such as Final Friday and good music (please read our interview with Katlyn Conroy here ), but let's face it: the event of the weekend is the final Border War between KU and Missouri before those cowards secede from the conference. Let's check in with the talkbackers at KU Sports and see how the fans feel about tomorrow's climactic showdown.

drgnslayr says:

"We are all aware of the spirits in the Phog, who hold the best seats in the rafters of AFH. Not all of the spirits are former basketball greats. So when you attend the game tomorrow listen astutely for the spirit voices before the fan cheers take over:

General Thomas Ewing, Jr.: "I've been told the last of Quantrill's Raiders have been pinned into the field house near Mount Oread... around 15 men and their leader who is called 'Hate.' I give you the authority to go take care of this."

Charles "Doc" Jennison: "I've got a match... consider it done!"

KU 84

MU 52"

Missouricat, crashing the party, says:

"Should be a good game. Beings Missouri beat KU in football and one basketball game this year it just could be KU's turn to win one...Looks like this will be the last time KU trys to win one from MU, unless Self changes his ways as we are headed to the SEC which will be a great move for MU. More money and better talent there then in the big 12."

And Chalked says to Missouricat:

"Judging from your thoughtful insight and precise writing style..."Beings Missouri beat KU..." I'd guess you were valedictorian at Missouri. Congrats on your 6th grade education Jethro."

As for us, we're about to start drinking now. Rock Chalk! (hold the extra "woo")

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