Monday, March 10, 2014

Nerd Nite 25 Preview: Bigfoot, Bitcoin, and Bond (James Bond) / Marx Madness Hits Liberty Hall

We've heard a few recent grumblings that certain Nerd Nite presentations didn't seem quite nerdily obsessive enough.  But we don't expect to hear any such complaints about Nerd Nite 25, which serves up presentations about cryptozoology (from the folks behind the Perc's recent "Snipe Hunt" exhibit), bitcoin, and James Bond.

The Bond presentation has one of our favorite titles so far: “Live and Let Dine: James Bond as an Effete Gourmet Assassin."  

Now THIS is just the kind of nerdery we're looking for.

Visit the FB event here.

Terrific poster!


March Madness is huge around these parts (obviously) and Free State's March Mustard Madness is a well-established local favorite tradition.  But let's find out if LFK is ready for Liberty Hall's debut of "Marx Madness," three Marx Brothers films airing on three consecutive Tuesdays and starting tomorrow with Duck Soup.  We don't exactly anticipate Final Four tournament-level hysteria, but hopefully some folks show up and laugh.  Can we blow our Harpo-horns during the shows?  (doubtful that this is allowed).

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