Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Johnny Switchblade's Lawrence Invasion at Jackpot on Thursday

When Johnny Switchblade asked us to help spread the word on their Thursday show at the Jackpot, we agreed quickly, partly because we liked the name and partly because Chip was afraid they might cut him.

So here's what's happening.

With most of LFK's musicians currently out of town for SXSW, KC's Johnny Switchblade and a whole slew of wily and scrappy punk and garage bands have decided to invade the Jackpot for a loud evening of revelry.  Let's hope the members of Johnny Switchblade are indeed packing their blades for the trip, because Lawrence is seeming unusually stabby these days.

And here's the scoop directly from Johnny Switchblade (and check out their tunes here via ReverbNation):

"This is gonna be a great show! Six bands, Thursday night, plenty of booze, plenty of noise. Check it out, and most importantly COME SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSICIANS! We want this place PACKED; bring your friends, bring your friends' friends, bring your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, your grandma that can't hear too well, your uncle that just got out of jail, your mailman, your plumber, BRING EVERYONE.

Johnny Switchblade, Four Arm Shiver, The Rackatees, 88er, The Hemorrhoids and The Death Scene.

Doors at 7:00, first band on at 8:00."

Visit the FB event page here and check out the odd pricing deals at the bottom of the flyer!

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