Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday Scenester Picks: Dar Williams, Detroit Cobras, Dirty Comedy, and the Last Waltz

Sometimes things get slow mid-week during the summer in LFK, but this Wednesday and Thursday offer a little something for everyone.  Here's a quick look at some of your options.

The sensitive folkie types are ecstatic about Dar Williams' return to Lawrence and Liberty Hall.  And she's playing her entire first album straight through, which is all the rage these days.  We'll be outside hitting on all the ladies in attendance.

Or you can just take a break from LFK's construction gridlock and frequent stabbings and enjoy "the cool evening breezes of Anytown USA*" during South Park's band concert tonight. 

[*We stole that line from the Seinfeld episode where Kramer installs a screen door for his apartment].

Follow the band concert with something a little more raucous as the Detroit Cobras hit the Bottleneck late tonight.  Between that and Black Joe Lewis last Sunday, it's quite a week for all of you retro soul and funk and R&B fans.

If you prefer something one hundred times less innocent than the band concert, check out the Harpoon Presents' "Good Time" event on Thursday at the Replay.  We attended last week and are pleased to report that Shadoe Barton is indeed the filthiest comedian we've heard thus far in LFK.  That "crusty panties/Walk of Shame" bit was something else.  Visit the FB event page here

And Liberty Hall's series of music films continues with The Last Waltz, "big and loud" on the big-screen at 8:00 on Thursday.  Make sure to engage in a series of pretentious conversations about whether Last Waltz or Stop Making Sense is the greatest concert film of all time (correct answer: Stop Making Sense).  Visit the FB event page here.


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