Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekend Picks: Spring Into Summer Festival, New Local Beer, and Smile High Club

Readers, the annual Spring Into Summer Fest is tomorrow and it will have a new feel to it:  there's no Jackpot involved but there is a street party element outside the Replay in the evening.  We're not sure why the Festival necessarily needs to expand beyond the spacious Replay patio, but we're certainly in favor of closing down streets and drinking on them, so no complaints from us!

Most scenesters won't arrive till midnight, of course, making the event feel just like any other night at the Replay, but we'd advise true local music fans to show up early, since two of the most fun acts are kicking off the festivities at 4:30.  We caught The Recessionists on St. Patty's Day and had a blast, and The Hips are one of the best local bands going right  now.  Also playing the earlier end of the Fest:   Fourth of July and Hearts of Darkness (perhaps HoD is the reason the street party area is needed:  there are A LOT of fucking people in this band).

Here's our original review of Recessionists:

The unexpected stars of the night were The Recessionists, a new band which turned out to be a funked-up take on classic girl-groups, complete with "shoobi-doobie" choruses, bad-ass horns, and covers of songs like Erma Franklin's "I Don't Want No Mama's Boy" that were capable of making even the most apathetic scenesters bounce around a little. Go see this band as soon as they play again.

Overheard conversation:

Scenester 1: "I like this band, and yet they're exactly the kind of band that could play at my mother's high-school graduation."

Scenester 2: "No. They are better than that."

The second scenester was right.


If you're a beer geek, you're hyped for National Craft Beer Week.  But you might as well kick off the festivities today by hoisting a glass of Full Kimono, a collaborative brewing effort from Free State, 23rd Street, and Top City's Blind Tiger.   Here's a description from a press release :

"At over 10% ABV (alcohol by volume) and hopped to the hilt with more hops than any of the three breweries have previously employed in a single batch, the Full Kimono is something special indeed. Full of hop flavor but balanced by a full malt backbone, the Full Kimono lays bare the “magic” of the brewer's art for all to enjoy."

Read more here:

From what we've gathered, there's a firkin tapping at 23rd Street tonight and another on Tuesday evening at Free State (but it's on tap at Free State today as well).  Anyway, drink it.  And wear a kimono while doing so to get in the Full Kimono spirit.


And for tonight:  the Smile High Club ladies are on the Replay patio playing dirty songs with titles like "Sweet Ass."  Come join us. And visit their FB page here.

They look like this:


And finally, we had hoped to bring you a review of the gay rock musical Jonah Qwerty Is Femme Assassin Guy today, but we understand that no one showed up at the Bottleneck last night to perform the play.  Is it happening tonight and Saturday, as listed?  No way to know.   But our interest is utterly gone at this point.  There's even a big Pitch article about the play today: read it here .

Chip: "That kind of unprofessional behavior will almost certainly never happen at Theater Lawrence, which had its groundbreaking yesterday.  I predict Theater Lawrence will perform challenging fare such as Steel Magnolias exactly as planned every time. Plus, one can enjoy a nice West side dinner at Applebee's or Famous Dave's before the show."

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