Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Trip to Frank's North Star Tavern / Saturday Scenester Picks: Outdoor Music All Over LFK and Supermoon!!

Readers, we hope you stopped by to visit Frank's North Star Tavern last night.  Take a look at the cozy seating areas where you can chat about kickball and make plans to hear some rock and roll at Studio B later (Studio B is just down the road in No Law somewhere near the Burger King and there's a Cinco de Mayo show tonight:  read about it here ).



The bar was hopping, and we're pleased to report that the PBR at Frank's can go toe-to-toe with any PBR in town (also, there's tallboys!).

BARRR  even wore his best red shoes to the grand opening!


Stop by soon and pay Frank's a visit.


But today is all about East LFK, the future "Santa Fe of the Midwest."  This afternoon the Poehler lofts open up for tours and the "Dog Walk Concert Venue" (??) serves up a free concert with Free State Beer (probably not free) featuring Truckstop Honeymoon, Drakkar Sauna (those boys are busy this weekend!), and Prairie Fire.

Read the recent LJ-World piece on the East LFK Renaissance here .

If you're like Chip (scared to visit either No Law or East LFK) consider Watson Park downtown for today's Red School Rockin' Music Fest, which is getting less press but also promises Free State beer and tunes from Kasey Rausch and many more.

 And we recommend you follow up all of today's outdoorsy events by gazing upon tonight's Supermoon.  Since the humidity feels like August, we're guessing that someone will be hosting a nekkid moonbathing party(and we're guessing it will be in No Law or East LFK).  If we were still writing our multi-authored series about the horny young werewolf Harry Lupus, today's Supermoon-installment would be fucking amazing!

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