Monday, September 19, 2011

Scenester Pick of the Day: Okkervil River and Wye Oak at Granada

Readers, do you like super-literate bands that stuff so many words into each song that the songs basically explode? We do. So we'll be at Okkervil River tonight to listen closely to "one of indie rock's most ambitious thinkers: a romantic anti-romantic weighing highly literate lyrics against an endlessly bleak worldview" (Pitchfork).

Let's check in with Pitchfork to see if their newest album, I Am Very Far, is sufficiently hip. It is: 7.9.

"There's a throat in every track, either cut and open or bound to be cut: "A slit throat makes a note like a raw winter wind," he sings on "The Valley", adding to its visceral energy."

Chip: "Sounds like a light-hearted evening."

"Of course Jagjaguwar is releasing a small chapbook of lyrics as a promo item and part of the deluxe vinyl edition."

Richard: "I'm totally hoping Will Sheff will sign my chapbook!"

And what of Wye Oak. Their newest, Civilian, also gets a 7.9:

"Civilian opens with the sound of ambient chatter, a room full of voices quickly washed away by steeled guitar and electronics."

We predict the Granada will be full of ambient hipster chatter during their set. But look for us there, listening quietly and possibly telling you to shut up.

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