Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Worthy Causes of the Weekend: Andy Stowers Benefit at Frank's; MS Benefit at Gaslight; 3rd Annual Red School Rockin Music Fest at Watson Park

We knew comedy could be dangerous but it doesn't usually result in a torn ACL. Sadly, local theater legend Andy Stowers suffered such a mishap in EMU's recent 10-Minute Play Festival at the LAC (we were actually in attendance on that very night!) and now he's got some mounting medical bills.  Luckily, his friends at Frank's North Star are throwing an Andy Stowers Benefit Variety Show Extravagasma (yes, that's an extravagasma) this Friday.  It will feature bands, burlesque, and comedy from Maggie Allen.  And "kick-ass food."   All for $5 and starting at 8:00. There's a FB event page here which doesn't offer a flyer but does offer a picture of Andy in a Ralph Wiggum T-shirt.

It seems that No Law is in a very giving mood this weekend.  Down the road at the Gaslight on Sunday some punks and folkies will perform a "Fuck MS Benefit Show" featuring Dry Bonnet and more.   Their flyer will surely bully you into showing up if you're not some kind of pussy.

And on Saturday afternoon Watson Park hosts the 3rd Annual Red School Rockin Music Festival to benefit LFK's Lawrence Community Nursery School (AKA Little Red Schoolhouse).  After an outrageously long search, we tracked down a flyer (below) and you can find some more info via LJ-World here which runs all the band names together in a sloppy mess but we kind of like the collage effect.  Here are a few of them:  Shoofly Flint Grey The Shebangs Galactic Acid Prairie Village People .  None of the bands that we checked into seem to have listed the event on their FB pages (nor even updated their FB pages in a long while), so they must not want their fans to know about this event.  But now you know, nonetheless.

(and a kind soul just passed along the official website: go here ).


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Thanks. Just added the link to the post. Our Google searches for Red School Rockin Music Fest only turned up the LJ-World stuff but finally located the flyer through the School's FB page.