Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday Scenester Picks: Trash Nite and Taproom Rock / LJ-World Rant of the Week

Readers, we've missed Horror Remix, but it's slated to return in September with an evening of...bigfoot films!  Consider us hyped.  In the meantime, check out one more edition of Trash Nite at the Bottleneck this evening at 9:00 for two hours of anti-drug VHS hilarity which includes 1978's legendary Death Drug.  Check out the FB event page here and the Trash Nite site here and watch the "supermarket freakout" scene from Death Drug below!



Our buddies in Sona will be rocking the Taproom for your mid-week pleasure on Wednesday along with San Francisco's Jane Woodman.  Visit the FB event page here and you'll certainly find yourself intrigued with statements about Woodman such as:   "her music videos are sometimes invaded by animated supernatural urban heroes." 


It's been too long since we've checked out a good rant from the LJ-World talkbackers, so let's turn to the ever-reliable JackMckee for his take on LFK's ever-increasing apartment complexes:

"Welcome to the worst planned city in the midwest.  My sympathies to those families who own homes on the Northwest section of Lawrence. You're getting it as bad as we are on the Southwest side. Soon you can look forward to a reduced diaper/baby supply aisle so Hyvee and Dillons can accomodate the Ramen Noodle cravings of students. Good news, though, in 5 years there will be a new apartment complex somewhere else that all the students will move to. The bad news, the 5 year old apartments will turn into slums. Fire the planning commission."

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