Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Interview: We Chat About Creative Juices With Lil Debbie Before Tonight's Goomba Rave With Riff Raff!!

Tonight's the night, readers, when all of LFK's little Goombas take to the dance floor at The Bottleneck's very special "Back to School" edition of Goomba Rave featuring Riff Raff and Lil Debbie.  We interviewed Riff Raff a few days back (read it here) and today we're chatting with Lil Debbie.  Oh, Chip was so excited that he squirted (if you catch our Lil Debbie song reference!).

Visit the FB event page over here and score tickets on-line here.

Enjoy the interview, which MAY have been conducted while everyone was very high and munching on Cosmic Brownies.

Chip:  First off, just let me say that I LOVE the “Squirt” video and I’m going to be honest with you here: the first time I saw it, I ejaculated as soon as you squirted the honey bottles.  Tell us about how that song and video originated?

Lil Debbie:  LOL!  Well, I think you gotta see the Debbie's World "Making of Squirt" video we posted on my website!  No, actually, it was a lot of fun.  Anything you do with RiffRaff is a lot of fun!  Seriously though JayAnt sent me a great beat and we wrote the verse really fast!!!  Sometimes a great beat is all you need for the creative juices to flow!  And then Max Albert shot the video and when you got Max Albert shooting your video you KNOW it's gonna be just all came together.  We did it in one day!  We did it all in one damn day!

Chip:  "Creative juices" is a sexy phrase, isn't it?

Watch the "Squirt" video: 

Richard:  I dig your persona in the videos, which seems more quirky/eccentric/relatable than the kind of “tough chick” image many female  rappers project.  How would you describe the image you want to project in  the videos and who are a few of your influences as a rapper?

Lil Debbie:  Oh wow, that's a hard one because I'm really not influenced by any one rapper, know what I mean?  I like so many!  You know, I just do my own thing.  I'm not a hard-ass, tough-as-nails rapper chick so what comes through is really who I am.  I'm a little quirky and a little sexy in my own way and vulnerable with a bit of an edge and honestly all those things I hope comes through in my videos and music because that's really me.  If people relate to that then it makes me really happy!

Chip:  At first, I was scared to click on your “2 Cups” video, because the title reminded me of “2 Girls, 1 Cup,” one of the few videos on the web that does NOT give me a boner.   But then I finally watched and loved it,especially when you talk about keeping a “bad bitch” on hand “just to roll up my weed.”  Is that a true story, and why is weed so important to rap culture?

Lil Debbie:  Maybe it's true, maybe not!  LOL.  But wouldn't it be fun to have a bad bitch on hand just to roll up your weed?  I think so. Weed's been a fixture in the arts since I don't know when.  Rap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock,'s everywhere and it's BEEN everywhere.  Why single out Rap?  Just because you see it more in theRap/Hip Hop music videos than any other music genre?

"2 Cups" video:

Richard:   There’s a scene in the sitcom Newsradio where James Caan, playing himself,  becomes obsessed with the Andy Dick character, repeating to himself:  “That is one fascinating sonofabitch.” That’s kind of how I felt when I first started watching Riff Raff videos.  Tell us what’s it like to work with Riff Raff.

Lil Debbie:  He IS fascinating!  You NEVER know what's gonna happen from one minute to the next. His mind moves that fast!  I can't keep up.  But wherever it leads you, you know it's gonna be crazy and it's gonna be a challenge and it's gonna be FUN!   He'll keep ya guessing and that's what's so fascinating about him.  What's he gonna do or say next?!?!?!   Working with him is ....... I don't know.....I don't think I can even describe it!  LOL!!!!  But we make good music videos together and we have fun doing it,'s all good.

Chip:   I know you’ve got a background in fashion as well.  What would you advise me to wear to your show at the Goomba Rave in order to INSURE that I  will end up getting laid that night?

Lil Debbie:   Um, I'm not sure clothing has anything to do with it...

Chip:  You're probably right.  I'm thinking of getting naked right there on the dance floor, motherfucking Kevin Yoder style!

Richard:   Tell our readers what they can expect from you and Riff Raff at the Goomba Rave and how they should prepare for the hijinks.  Also, what's on the horizon in terms of new music and videos?

Lil Debbie:  Jesus, I don't know!  I NEVER know what's gonna happen.  I think it all depends on what kind of mood we're in and the atmosphere in the club and if the crowd is having a good time, what kinda drugs are on hand...LMAO!  It'll be a good time, I know that.  We'll bring the rice out for sure!  

Um, we're filming the video for "I Do It For The Ratchets" and I just recorded a song with Paul Devro at Mad Decent Studios and I'm going in again when I get back and then we have our Icon Tour in September AND I've been working on my EP so....and I just moved to L.A. a few weeks ago...and, and, and....LOL!!! I'm tired already!!!

Watch Riff Raff bringing the rice out:

Chip:   I have to ask you this?  What’s your favorite Little Debbie Snack Cake?  Mine is Cosmic Brownies. Once I ate so many I went on a vision quest.

Lil Debbie:  LMAO!!!!  I can't choose cause they're all tasty!  Seriously!  Those things are delicious.  How could they NOT be?!?!?! They're Lil Debbie cakes......they GOTTA be good!

Here's Lil Debbie taking a bath:


Here's Lil Debbie hangin' with Riff Raff:


Here's a box of Cosmic Brownies (Chip: "These things will fuck you up!")

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